FOR SALE! The Looney Cabin @ Camp, Va

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Looney stuff

Thanks to the Looneys, who sold me the cabin, and happened to have a name that I could take and run with!

It was a grey day, and all the colors seemed dim
Well, I fixed that.

Now here's a really looney thing. Got a re-assessment notice in the mail the other day.  Looney's outhouse is assessed at four hundred dollars. Now, it is new, and I have had no complaints about how it works. But four hundred dollars? I was going to see them about it, but figgured that I'd just take bragging rights on it.  It does have a cinderblock foundation, so maybe that had something to do with it!

This would only be a looney thing to do if ...
One had not become a Biological Woodsman

To investigate becoming a Biological Woodsman, please visit the homepage of the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation.

Just when you think everything is great, there's a knife missing
Luckily, this guest was innovative, and noticed a limb saw hanging around.


Sawtaters are sure to become a Looney Tradition for some.
Boy were they good!

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