The Looney Cabin @ Camp, Va

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Take a short tour of the cabin

Inside cooking
The cookstove is presently not functional to cook on. There is a 2 burner camp stove.

There is a teeny-tiny refrigerator, with a teeny- tiny ice cube tray.
Most folks bring a cooler or two, and plenty of bag ice in the summer.

Relaxing after the hike
couch potato
The couch folds out to a queen size bed

So you may be wondering how in the world this cabin sleeps 6-8.  All on the queen size bed?  Well, no.  Check back in after a while for a view of the bunks!

Tour the surroundings
Not far from Looney is a lovely branch that runs off Panther Knob.
It has been conveniently dammed up for splishing and splashing
on  warm summer days.


A quiet and peaceful ride with a good horse,
and a good dog,
on a good trail.
It is paradise.  Come visit.


We'd love to have you visit our fair mountain hide-away.
Watch for more pages, pictures, and looney stuff.

Looney stuff