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The Looney Cabin @ Camp, Va

Looney is a rustic cabin that sits at the border of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, nestled in a gated community called "Saddlebrook Farm". 
The Virginia Highlands Horse Trail is located just above the cabin.
To the East  toward Speedwell, lies the Little Dry Run Wilderness Area, Comer's Rock and Hale Lake.  Going West will take you to Sugar Grove, Kissing Rock Camp, and Sugar Hollow Pond. 

Hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, fisherpeople, this is one great little cabin that puts you right where you want to recreate.

Looney is a snug little place, just right for a get-away.

The cabin contains all you need to cook a great meal, on a camp stove, or over the firepit.

The ride from Kissing Rock Camp to Looney is a fine time. Depending on which route you take, and how you ride, it can take from 3 hours to 7.

Try it, you'll like it!

Take the tour, give a call. Come and stay a couple of days. You'll join the ranks of those who are glad they did.

Click here to check out Kissing Rock Camp

A great little hide away!


1224 Horne Hollow Rd
Sugar Grove, Va 24376

(276) 677-3851 

The Lycos/Tripod mail forwarding system has not been forwarding mail since July! My apology to anyone who has tried to mail me and not received an answer.
It would be best to phone.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.


Good Planets Are Hard To Find


Win a free weekend at Looney

Looney sits on a fragile Earth.  Feeling as I do about conserving our natural resources and environment, I have offered Virginia Forest Watch a couple of free weekends to be drawn from their membership list as we did last year.
Congratulations to last years winners! We posted the membership list, and threw darts to select the lucky members.
We will do another drawing at the fall meeting, so join up, and get your name on the dartboard.

Please click the link below, and check out what is being done to protect our recreation playgrounds.

Virginia Forest Watch