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KRC is located in Sugar Grove Virginia, midway between Damascus and The New River. A short ride puts you in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.
We invite you to bring your horse, camp and ride the 63 mile Virginia Highlands Horse Trail (VHHT) and it's nearly 200 miles of intersecting trails.  KRC offers shady campsites, along with the safety and quiet that seems so hard to come by these days.

The VHHT is cool and pretty. The succession of blooming things always delight. And some of those blooming things turn into berries!

Come visit, amble along the trail, and eat.

As you plan your riding for the season, please feel free to inquire about a stay at KRC or the Looney Cabin....or both!

We're always happy to assist you in rig shuttle and set up of your camp, if you want to stay out in the Recreation Area for days on end. You just ride, and leave the tedious part to us!

The Looney Cabin is for sale. Please click over for information.

Click here to visit the Looney Cabin.


Guitar Bill is always a pleasure to have in camp.

We had some new visitors over the 4th, who made up a Sinkhole of Mules, and inspired a new page on the site.

Visit the Sinkhole of Mules


Kissing Rock in its current incarnation is a primitive camp for the mostly self-sufficient.
Just East of Sugar Grove Virginia, we invite you to bring your horse and camp. Once you are settled in, it is a short ride down the lane and through the woods, to go as you please on  the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.

One pup is available from the January litter.
Please visit the Welsh page for pictures and information.

Click here for Welsh Terriers

Welcome Gladwyn


Kissing Rock Camp
1224 Horne Hollow Rd
Sugar Grove, Va 24275
Visit the contact page to make inquiries about reservations.

Don't forget to check out KRC's new Peak Oil Promotion. We want you to ride our mountains! Just click here.

Visit the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area soon.....and bring your horse. 

Sometimes a gal just has to take a break and drive her good trail horse

...even if it is just around the campground on a slow afternoon.  Check out the shady campsites!


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