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Being concerned about the environment that we use for our fun, I highly recommend becoming aware of what is happening to it.
Please visit www.virginiaforestwatch.org to find out how you can help.
And maybe win a free weekend at the Looney Cabin.
Blessed with the Little Wilson and the  Dry Run Wilderness Areas within spittin' distance from both KRC and Looney, I am grateful to
www.wilderness.org for working to get us more of this lovely and lasting thing. And fighting the current administration to keep what we do have.
I used to be scared of loggers. Here is a group that totally changed my feelings about cutting down trees. Tree gardening...Yes! Visit the home of Healing Harvest Forest Foundation, and give the Biological Woodsmen your support!

Biological Woodsmen at work
Three teams hooked together to pull a really big log

Horse Trail Directory Here is a great resource for trail riders, listing trails across the USA. Click here.

Horse Classifieds-FreeHorseAds.com

Baltimore Horse Country

Information resource with emphasis on Maryland and
nearby states. A nice site.

Fun horse things to do.
Driving horses is a real fun thing to do. Visit www.coppercrestfarm.com and see what my driving Guru is doing.
Lots of horse info here:
Stablemade Equine Websites & Services   www.stablemade.com
More links on the way...please submit your own for consideration.

There are new blooms bursting open every day. It will be summer before we know it! Give us a call to reserve your favorite spot.

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