Welcome to Kissing Rock Camp

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About Us

We used to ride from Damascus to Fries twice a year. I hope here to go ahead and flesh out HH's outline of all those rides, and hope to have some  guests contribute a few of their own stories.

Our Mission
We want you to have a great time.
    Your horses will behave, and not only that....they will go well.
     You will remember to bring everything you wanted to bring....
  If you didn't, our mission is to supply you with that.
Sometimes we can, sometimes we can tell you where to get it. Or make it.
Sometimes we can't.  Doing something with your horse is a whole other website. 

We want you relaxed and happy. Smilin'.
Be sure to come well shod, this is the Mountains, and there are Rocks.
Not too many up above the main camp, but as you ride around the ridges, that can change.

Our History
What a long strange trip it's been.
Open for a few short weeks in 1992, with ads out, and inquiries coming in, the well failed.
Pond went dry.
Blue barrels got holes drilled in 'em, and spigots put on.
Got that all fixed now, and the spigots run water right in camp.
You have no idea how strange and wonderful that is to me.
Got hoses too.

C'mon to Sugar Grove and Camp, KRC or Looney, take your pick.
Or pick both, they're just an easy ride apart, and make your own history.
We can assist you in moving your rig around and setting up camps, if you'd like to stay in the Recreation Area a while, and chose to move around to some Forest Service camps, or rough camp along the trail.


KRC/Looney -Your home in the MRNRA
Please don't stomp the Trillium